Five things to know before you book a flight


By Somya Bansal

Flying overseas can be scary for some people and we’ve got a few tips for the passengers to have a comfortable and relaxing journey.

  1. If you want to sit with your legs stretched out, you should book your ticket in the back exit row which allows extra space as designed for during the emergency and reclines as well.
  2. If you’re a workaholic and flying time is the only time you could sleep then choose the window pane seats for you to lean on the side for a better and sound sleep.
  3. If you want a turbulence free ride, choose the seats above the wings as even the slightest of turns could be felt at the back.
  4. If you always feel cold during the flights, try avoiding the seats next to the exits as they are much colder than the rest.
  5. If you have a connecting flight and have to catch the next flight within a restricted amount of time, book a seat next in the front of the aircraft for a quick exit.


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