5 Ways to make money from home


Are you also not able to pay your bills on time because you run out of money even before the month ends? Or can’t do your favourite activity or dine at your favourite restaurant? Here are few ways to make extra money from home.

  1. Answer surveys online and make about 50-100 bucks per survey.
  2. Rent your extra space or vehicle when not in use.
  3. You can start your own blog or business and feature other artists so that they can pay you to displayed. (once it gains popularity of course!)
  4. If you’re a web developer, help out a start up by testing their website.
  5. Write articles from home and get paid on per word or per article basis.
  6. If you can teach, start teaching at home to some colony or area students to gain some extra cash.
  7. Baby sit when their parents have to go out somewhere or for work.
  8. You can even sell your antiques or old clothes online and offline.
  9. You can do entry data for certain data-heavy organisations.
  10. Make your hobby, your business. Cook and sell the dishes at home itself.


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