Things men hate about being in a relationship


After reading the topic, you must be sure of the things that are going to be listed in the article. But if it is your first relationship then you must know few of the things for keeping him happy and yourself sane or if it’s been a long while with your partner, then sometimes one forgets about the little things they thought about a lot in the beginning.

Men are very sensitive. They look at things and then decide whether they like it or not whereas women tend to look, see and find what they like.

1. Men don’t like when their women get jealous and even worse getting vocal about it to them and on silly stuff. Getting a tad bit jealous is acceptable when you saw them talking to a hot girl and you didn’t like it. It gets ugly when you start questioning them about the same.

2. Nagging and complaining about certain things again and again. Maybe they just are too tired to clean the room today or have a lot of work to finish off before morning.

3. Guys don’t like it when girls constantly tell them how they need to eat less as they want to fit in their favourite dress again or when girls stop eating for the same. Body insecurity is again one thing that they hate as they love you for what you are. Yes, physical appearance plays some small amount but it is very teensy and tiny.

4. They hate it when you try and peep into their phones while sitting next to them. They tell you everything there is to tell and something if they’re not telling you it is because they don’t want to worry you unnecessarily.

5. Clinging onto them all the time and not leaving even breathing space for them is something they hate in a relationship.

6. Talking about the relationship to others and having opinions and complaining about them.

It seems like they hate a lot in a relationship. Well, just be honest and loving to each other and it will all be well.


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