5 Least popular dog breeds in the world


How our dogs just jump over us as soon as we enter the house and how they sit anywhere on us not even leaving our face. Don’t you love it when they wake us up in the morning on time for work but hate them for doing this on a Sunday morning? Ah! We don’t even realise when they become a part of the family and next thing we know they the ring bearer at our wedding. Let us know about some of the lesser known breeds of the world to spread the love to their each and every breed.

English Foxhound

This cutie was meant to hunt foxes and was even trained for the same but as soon as hunting went out of fashion or became illegal in some countries, English Foxhound lost their popularity.

Cesky Terrier

A mix breed of Scottish Terrier and Sealyham Terrier didn’t gain popularity due to its odd physical appearances. If only we could apply to the sayings we only made i.e., ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’


Its similarity to a Beagle lead to unawareness of its existence amongst the mankind.  Adopt a Harrier when thinking to buy a dog next time or want to grow your furry little family members.


The amazing unique dreadlocks, oh yeah!, they have dreadlocks, gives them an eccentric look. If you’re patient person and have little space for this little cutesy then show some love to them by opening your house to them.

Skye Terriers

This breed have developmental issues leading to a problematic life making it difficult for owners as well. Try helping the breed if you find them anywhere if not getting one of them home.


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