5 True Facts That Sound Like BS


When one guy lost his girlfriend to a man she met on a dating site, Match.com, which was founded by the guy himself, he instead of feeling sad was happy that his website will be a success as he bought it when only 5 percent of Americans were online. However, when it didn’t work out, he met his other partner on a different dating site. BS enough?

We have more. 😉

Founded in 1906, Oxford University is older than the Aztec Civilization. Having geniuses under their roof, like Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, Margaret Thatcher, Stephen Hawking and Tim Berners-Lee, it is older not just by some decades but almost over a century.

Waterfalls underwater sounds too good to be true but it is. The mechanism behind this is that when cold water meets warm water, the cold water sinks because of its density. One of this amazing sight can be seen at the Denmark Strait as the Greenland Sea and Irminger Sea meets.

Welding a metal without heat sounds complete bollocks. But when two metals are placed in a vacuum and as it will touch another metal without any oxygen in between they will mix together.

Would you believe us if we tell you that Sharks are older than trees? So, it is recorded that the oldest known tree fossil is 385 million-years-old which is like 65 million years later than the evidence of shark’s existence. They are also older than dinosaurs by 220 million years. Say what?


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