8 things you should not do on a plane


There are many things that you should not do a plane. Follow the list below to get a notion.

Walking barefoot

The carpets on the aisle of the plane are the breeding zone for various harmful microbes. The carpets are where the food is spilled, passengers vomit, and dirt from different shoes are deposited. You will not want to walk on them barefoot, do you?

Skip the ice, prefer a bottle

The water and ice supplies in the air service are not up to the standard. As per an Environmental Protection Study done in 2004, only 15% of the airlines passed the standards. Skip the ice if you do not want to harvest germs.

Don’t sit rather stroll 

Completely sitting the entire time in a long duration flight can cause deep vein thrombosis. It is better to stretch your muscles from time to time. in fact, the experts suggest wearing loose clothes to avoid the problem.

Ditch contacts

The internal environment in the airplane is relatively dryer which can cause irritation in your eyes due to the presence of contact lenses. Besides, you do not want to fall asleep with the lenses on your eyes.

Avoid fallen food

The trays in front of the seats are not sterilized properly. This is why it is better to avoid the food dropped on it.

Do not forget to drink water

It is absolutely necessary to drink a lot of fluid and stay hydrated as the internal dry environment in the plane will squeeze your sweat out. The air manufactured inside the plane contains a low percentage of moisture.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol will dehydrate you very fast which will hit you even faster inside a plane. Try to go for bottled water instead.

Don’t touch flush button

Touching the flush button means inviting a clan of harmful germs.


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