How to party this Friendship Day


Someone wise once said, friends are family you choose and we couldn’t agree more. Right? Whether you are past your deadline to reach home or you have to meet your significant other, your friends are there to rescue you from your parents and even all kinds of situations. The memories you create with them, the moments you spend with them will always put a smile on your face. Here we’ve got few ideas to celebrate this friendship day and create more heartfelt memories.

A themed house party

You can organise a house party where your friends can dress up in their school uniforms and reminisce about those golden days or if you’re still in school, you can dress up as your favourite fictional character.

 A sleepover

A sleepover at one of your friends place with some movies, gossips and popcorn will make up for all the stress at work or college.

Make your own meal

You all can gather up at a place and cook together the most cherished dishes and savour it at the end and marvel in your own glory.


Hit your favourite joint before going for the expedition and eat to your hearts content. Then head to a nearby camping area to enjoy some soothing music and spend the night over under the starry blanket making an exceptional memory for your lifetime.

Go back into the past

If you all are working in different cities, plan and meet up at the same place where you all grew up together and visit your old addas to relive and invigorate your friendship.

So, try one of these ideas or just throw a dance party or drink your night away because friends are people you chose to be your family and it deserves a celebration.


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