7 Things women always want to hear


Language and communication is an intrinsic key to a relationship. Tell your woman you love her and she’ll be charming as ever. Take a second to answer her whether she’s looking fat or not and you’re a dead man. Relationship experts have suggested few phrases that your girl would to hear.

  1. “You’re right.”

Women loves to hear it from their men that they are right and they respect the fact that men at least owned up to it.

  1. “We’re in this together.”

Women feels more secure and safe when she hear these words out loud. It creates a sense of commitment and belongingness in them.

  1. “I don’t understand but I am going to try.”

Seeing men just take a little effort to understand what women are going through and understand what they’re feeling makes a woman feel wanted and loved.

  1. “Tell me about your day.”

Women feel relaxed after telling somebody about her day and listening to her makes her believe that you care for her.

  1. “Im feeling..”

Talking about real feelings is all a woman lives for and coming from her significant other, she feels that couldn’t be more close to him.

  1. “I’ve made plans for Saturday night.”

Weekend plans not only shows that you want to spend time with her but also shows that you want her around giving her a sense of confidence and settlement.

  1. “I love you”

A straight up I love you can brighten up her day in a second, so make it a point to say it at least once in a day.

What are you waiting for? Call your woman right away and tell her what you feel right now.



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