Gaming Consoles in a few Uber Cars


Have you asked for a mobile charger whenever you have hopped into an Ola or an Uber?
Certainly you must have done this numerous times. Well, in this digitally advanced world, you can obviously expect something more like suggestions for the local restaurants or say, a box of mint or if you are lucky, then you can also find a gaming console in the next Uber ride that you take.
You might be taken aback but it is certainly not a joke. Many Uber drivers in America are opting to add a personal touch to their vehicle with the view to make your ride an eventful one. In the city of Chicago, if you are fortunate enough, then you could as well get a chance to book your ride with the driver named Tom. And if you are riding with Tom, then rest assured, your journey would never be an uneventful one. You would find yourself happily sitting at the back seat with joy sticks playing Nintendo 64 games in the touch screen stereo system of the car which has been very smartly connected to the Raspberry Pi system. Thus, your otherwise boring journey becomes a memorable one with a dash of competition and adrenaline.
When contacted, the concerned spokesperson from Uber reported that it has been a trend
amongst drivers to add a personal flavor to the cars.
In Washington DC, the scenario is not very different. There, you could be lucky to ride with
Jonathan and enjoy your favourite show or a movie with the Netflix installed while in Colin’s car at Denver and Colorado, you could actually relax and refresh yourself in a massage chair.
Thus, the personal touch provided by the very smart drivers to improve their business could also be your solution to drive away the usual boredom of the journey.


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