6 tips to look gorgeous with a baby bump


Who said that you have to be as beautiful as the Bollywood celebs to look gorgeous with a baby bump? It was a myth but from the proper analysis, you will easily understand that it has nothing to do with beauty. Follow the steps below and look like a fashion diva with your adorable baby bump.

  1. Color of the dress

During this time, you will be curvier with your baby bump. Do not be ashamed of your overgrown body rather flaunt it with style. Try to choose the right colour that compliments and accentuate your figure. Go for the dark colours to avoid looking chubbier such as navy blue, maroon, black, etc.

  1. Tops

Wearing a top is the commonest thing we do every time. During this time, you need to choose a right top that accentuates your bust line. You will look stunning with long-sleeved tops in order to hide the flabby arms. Go for empire-line kurta in dark colours or patterns. In fact, you can also choose the comfortable baby-doll tops to look chic.

  1. Maternity pants

There are a lot of maternity jeans available in the market that will make you look stylish. The jeans will complement your waistline properly. You can also try dungarees in order to provide support the bump.

  1. Fashionable skirts

Skirts of colors like brown, black, and gray will go with any type of top or blouse and make you look trendier.

  1. Knee-lengths

Tunics and knee-lengths will be the ideal choices to look gorgeous with a baby bump. The classy patterns and colors will even impart a different complementary tone to your glowing skin too.

Tulip Maternity Dress by Tiffany Rose
  1. Adding the right pair of shoes

As per the doctors, it is necessary to avoid stilettos and prefer pumps or ballet shoes. Remember your body weight has increased and you need to keep your feet healthy. Always go for a stylish but absolutely comfortable pair of shoes to wear.


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