Canada provides warm cots in Olympic Stadium to the asylum seekers


A sudden upsurge in the asylum seekers in Canada was met with a warm welcome when the government opened the gates of Olympic Stadium in Montreal to provide them shelter.

The influx of the asylum seekers from the United States of America was provided with warm cots in the giant stadium when the refuge facilities ran out of beds. Haitians are the majority in the population of the migrants. They will be staying under the supervision of the Government of Canada until the USA is taking any step for final assistance.

As per Francine Dupuis, the head of the government-aided asylum seeker-helping program in Quebec, said that the capacity for sheltering the seekers, for now, is 450. As per her information, a total of 448 asylum seekers took shelter in the Olympic Stadium in Montreal temporarily in the month of June and it considerably increased to 1174 in the month of July.

Due to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, many migrants were offered shelter by the US Government in 2010. The statistical figure suggests that if the program in the US soil is not stretched any further, then more than 60,000 Haitians will be deported back home. Dupuis is expecting that Trump Government will aid in flying back the migrants to their homeland very soon as Canada is running out of shelters for the distressed.

Before this unprecedented situation, Dupuis was fully equipped to provide shelter and food to the seekers but the current upsurge has made it really tough to handle. The Red Cross in Quebec helped to set up the infrastructure in the concrete stadium which has been left without any tenant since 2004. The shelter seekers have been provided with proper provision to stay there peacefully.

As per Mayor Denis Coderre, nearly 2500 flew in to seek shelters in July. It is also expected that a lot more will come if the immigration issue is not resolved.


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