Five Bollywood movies which were way ahead of its time


Indian cinema is one of the most loved source for entertainment and serves to a larger audience even outside the country. Bollywood has never disappointed it’s audience but it seems sometimes the audience have failed to understand what it had in store for them. Here’s a list of few movies which went unnoticed or curated quite a stir after its release.

  1. Fire (1998) – You wouldn’t believe if somebody would tell you now that a movie starring Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das would get them into trouble to lengths costing them their lives. The story displayed them as lesbian lovers which was hard for Indians to accept it in 90s leading to even burning the movie posters.

  2. Mera Naam Joker (1970) – Raj Kapoor’s five hour long, now a classic, didn’t sit well with the audience in the 70s that showed a concept of a student fantasising about his teacher which is something that we don’t even raise our eyebrows for now. The story also depicted the life of a circus clown and how he deals with a heartbreak making us all cry.

  3. Monsoon Wedding (2001) – Mira Nair’s story on child abuse mixed with the scenes of a big fat Indian wedding, didn’t quite win many hearts at the time. To think of it, before all these reality shows, this movie was one of its firsts towards the awareness of child abuse.

  4. Filhaal (2002) – A movie about being a surrogate mother to her best friend who couldn’t conceive was a plot that wasn’t appreciated in the beginning. You could see people talking about surrogacy openly after Karan Johar spoke about it but in the beginning of the century it was something that went unnoticed.

  5. Om-Dar-B-Dar (made in 1988, released in 2014) – From its premiere in 1988 at an international film festival till its release in 2014, people are yet to understand this kind of cinema and the artist behind the art. Kamal Swaroop explains that the theme is based on reality and fantasy.

Let us hope mankind in its existence would try to open their minds and welcome art in any form that comes their way.


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