10 strange superstitions believed in India


India is a growing economy offering a great platform for advancement in the educational field. Still, the majority of the rural population and even a considerable part of the urban also believe in many superstitions. These superstitions have nothing to do with reality yet the belief has been passed from generation to generation. People really act weird when it comes to certain blind believes that actually have no scientific reasons.

  1. Calling someone when they are leaving

Probably, this is the most vividly practiced superstition in all cultures in India. Someone calling you on your back, when you are about to leave for a venture, is considered as bad luck.

  1. Kaala Teeka

Things like kajal teeka, lemon-chili hanging, etc can save you from bad omen of ‘buri nazar’.

  1. Cat crossing your path

Cats, especially the black ones, if cross your path then you need to stop until someone else is crossing and overcoming bad omen.

  1. Odd sums as good luck

Rituals like ashirwad are always given in odd sums of money to avoid bad luck and bring blessings.

  1. Looking into a broken mirror

Looking into a broken mirror can cause bad health. It might have been started to avoid accidents from handheld broken mirrors.

  1. Twitching left eye

The twitching of the left eye, especially in the morning, is a not considered as a good sign.

  1. Do not whistle at night

Often, whistling is prohibited as it is believed to attract snakes.

  1. Throwing hair strands

Fallen hair strands should not be left around the house to avoid a quarrel.

  1. Sneezing before travel

A sneeze from anyone around before traveling is considered as bad luck.

  1. Itching of left palm

Left palm itching means you are going to be richer.

These are the 10 biggest superstitious believes that we can witness in almost every household.


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