Blue Whale Challenge claims an innocent teenager’s life in India


Every parent is worried as the ‘Blue Whale Game’ has entered India and claimed a life of an innocent 14 years old boy in Mumbai. Probably, this is the first death due to a challenge emerged in a social media platform.

As per the investigation of the Mumbai Police, the boy named Manpreet Sahans was glued to this game. He wanted to show how tough he is and tried to complete the 50-days challenge. The friends of the deceased boy said that they have noticed a drastic change in his behaviour.

The boy’s last picture revealed by India Today shows how dangerously the boy was hanging his legs from the edge of the terrace.

The game was invented by a 22-year old named Philipp Budeikin and is the reason for a lot of deaths in Russia and other countries. Currently, the accused is in jail serving a 3 years imprisonment. The very private administrators of this game assigned a particular task for each day in this 50-days challenge that has to be completed by a player. The extent of this game reaches a gory level and can direct the players to harm themselves.

The game was initiated in 2013. The inventor contacted people online, especially the teenagers who are quite impressionable in the group, assigned tasks for straight 50 days. The first tasks were kept easy to lure the players in. Eventually, the rules get stricter and gorier. The administrator assigned self-harming tasks and even killing an animal. The last task is to take a snapshot while committing suicide.

The considerable increase in the intensity of violence totally changed the personality of the players at the end and even drove them to commit suicide in many cases. In fact, the last picture of committing suicide was the proof asked by the administrator. The social media platforms are taking necessary steps to stop this madness. The accused have been linked directly with to than 130 deaths.


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