China set to open rail tunnel below Great Wall before 2022 Winter Olympics


The upcoming Winter Olympics in 2022 will witness an engineering marvel when China completes the rail tunnel at a whopping depth of 102 meters under the Great Wall. China is adopting this step to show its advancement in the engineering grounds to the world. The overwhelming project took a lot of time to choreograph.

The tunnel will connect tow hosting cities, Beijing and Zhangjiakou. The length of the tunnel is 12 km. The engineers faced a lot of challenges to find the ideal intersection point. Eventually, it appeared under the Badaling Great Wall.

The depth of the tunnel will range between 4 to 432 meters throughout the distance. The entire world is really excited for the completion of the project but also worried that the completion might harm the integrity of one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

The chief engineer, Luo Duhao said that this particular project is adopting the ‘precision micro blasting technique’ to dig and pass through. The tremor produced in this case will be pretty less than the conventional blasting methods. The rate with which the technology proceeds is 0.2 centimeters/second whereas the traditional methods adopt a speed of 5 centimeters/second.

As per the leading Chinese experts, the historical marvel will not be harmed in the process. After prolonged tests, Dai Longzhen, the deputy manager of the project added that no tremor was felt on the Great Wall of China. S per the reports, almost 4500 blasts was carried underground since February yet it did not affect the Great Wall.

Other than the Great Wall, the century-old Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway (1909) has also been preserved during this project as a 40m-section of the tunnel will pass underneath without harming its integrity. The old section of the railway will be not used after the completion of the tunnel and will be converted into a park.


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