Expelled AAP leader Kapil Mishra commences CNG kit sting operation on Kejriwal Government


Kapil Mishra, the rebel leader of Aam Aadmi Party, accused that the Government of Delhi is voluntarily involved in a big scam of CNG kit. The leader opened up in an interview in front of the press a few days ago.

The capital of India has more than 20 lakh users who depend on CNG for their domestic and commercial vehicles. Kapil accused the treacherous act of the government regarding the faulty CNG kits that are being used capital-wide in almost every vehicle.

In the interview, he said that the majority of the CNG users are sitting on a potential time bomb. As per the sting operation conducted by Aam Aadmi Sena (AAS), a faulty cylinder, that is leaking considerably, was taken to four different centres where the gas kits are checked. To their surprise, the faulty kit got passed easily. The cylinder has failed the hydrostatic pressure and stretch test considerably yet the centres were easily manipulated to let the cylinder pass. As per kapil, this is only possible when the government is behind the scam.

Due to this incident, Kapil Mishra accused the AAP-ruled government in the capital of India. He said that the scam this big is not possible unless the ruling party is playing an important role in it. Kapil also addressed that every CNG user does not know that he is sitting on a potential life threat. The cylinders can leak anytime causing a huge damage to the surrounding. The highly-inflammable gas can cause havoc explosion. CNG is being used as the main fuel for vehicles that carry passengers, school students, and family members. The threat has taken a humongous shape as the sting operation witnessed the failure of the checking centres.

AAS President Prabhat Kumar said that the matter was brought to light and will be taken to every transport union if the issue is not addressed by the government within four days.


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