A Spring themed wedding…


A flowy red or white dress with an intrinsic jewellery paired with a striking hairdo and make-up while walking down the aisle to create memories of a lifetime is something a girl desire for on her wedding day. Weddings are no longer just about the couple and their families. With the changing world and trends, weddings have also become about the place and time as well.

If any of you’ve seen Band Baaja Baarat or Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Planner, you would understand a concept of hiring somebody to plan and organize your wedding. These trends lead to new trends such as themed or destination weddings.

It doesn’t matter when you’re getting married, with the perfect theme and planning, you can get the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Spring themed wedding is the most popular trend you would see around these days.

With the smell of fresh flowers, warm breeze and all things flowery, spring time is one of the best times of the year. No summer scorching heat or shivering winter cold or water-filled puddle making monsoons. From spring wedding flowers to cakes shaped in pastel coloured flowers to those flowy open wedding dresses, spring themed wedding doesn’t sound like a bad idea!


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