Yellow cards: Gallant step to stop ground rage in airlines


Everyone is familiar with the rage of the passengers on an airplane. Some even cross the line where they need to be pacified by security. This is utter nonsense scene created by those passengers who lack social manners and only think about themselves. A gallant step is taken by the British Airlines by introducing a soccer-styled card to warn the anti-social passenger regarding their misbehaviour on the flight.

The term that defines any kind of misbehaviour from rude passengers who forget the fine line between decency and anarchy is ‘ground rage’. This term is often used by the airlines to depict a situation. The passengers often forget their limits and misbehave with the crew. The yellow card will be used by the crew members to show that the passenger is crossing his or her limits.

The airline management strongly believes that the staff has proper right to work in a calm and civilized environment. Often, the serene environment in the airport and airplane is ruined by the abusive and threatening passengers. The introduction of the yellow cards for every crew member will make it easier to teach the misbehaving passengers a lesson and warn them before calling security assistance. 

The disruption in the behaviour of the passengers, in any case, can be now controlled when the miscreant will learn that he or she has crossed the tolerable limit. The situations become worse in the air. As per the law, insulting, misbehaving, abusing a crew member or creating chaos is a punishable offense. In fact, the law dictates to forcefully pacify the misbehaving person. There are many cases where the law is ignored and the passengers often indulge in aggressive behaviour. The British Airlines members will be provided with the yellow card to teach the passengers about the consequences of their misbehaviour.


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