5 myths about gyming you should know


Who does not want to have a Greek god physique? The mass of aspirants who want to get their muscles toned is increasing day by day. There are certain myths regarding physical training in the gym that everyone needs to know.

  1. Over-training does not mean better results

Every machine needs rest and so does your body. After a proper session of strenuous physical workout, your muscles will be tired from the heavy lifting. Doing these things for a longer time will not tone your muscles rather make your muscle tissues stiff. Eventually, the muscles will stop growing and become hard. Pushing the muscles to perform over the edge will hamper growth.

  1. Become huge to become stronger

This is a bogus myth that the majority of the fitness freaks believe. Strength is not at all related to body weight. Most of the aspirants tend to gobble supplements to gain extra mass and it is not good for their health. Properly encompassing the strenuous training will lead a stronger physique and it is not at all related to mass. Remember Bruce Lee was only 58 kilo yet his strength surpassed anyone heavier than him.

  1. Latest equipment myth

Trying different equipment or running behind the latest models will not ensure proper muscular tone. Your target should focus on the core muscles and the exercises that make them stronger and toned. It can be done with any conventional equipment.

  1. Pushing the limit

You might think that doing 50 push-ups will develop your muscles faster. Indulging in maximum effort in a single session can be quite harmful to the particular set of muscles. You need to follow the regimen and do it in repeat cycles for better endurance.

  1. More sweat means more calories burned

The amount of sweat produced by your body is not proportional to the calories burned. It is just a common physiological phenomenon to keep you cool.


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