Sunny Leone’s adopted child was rejected 11 times


It takes a heart of gold to come to terms to the varied diversity offered by life. Furthermore, it takes an ever bigger heart and tons of courage to accept that diversity as your own. Such an exemplary act has been done by Sunny Leone.

In a recent image that has gone viral, we find the actor being accompanied by her husband to the apex body for adoption called CARA located at Latur. It turned out that the celebrity couple was trying to adopt a baby and they have successfully completed the adoption procedure.

Now, adopting a baby is nothing surprising but the couple has created an example for all of us to follow by adopting a child, who is a girl and that too, a child who has been refused and rejected previously by 11 other prospective parents.

When contacted to the sources at CARA, they were glad to share the news of the adoption. When the celebrity couple had approached the authorities at CARA, they were told about this particular child and without pausing for a moment and pondering over the skin colour and the presence of any physical diseases, Sunny Leone had gladly accepted the child rather than waiting in the queue like the other parents. Almost all the formalities have been completed and the child is now under the pre-adoption foster care. The couple is awaiting the final orders from the court so that they are able to move the child from Latur to their home in Maharashtra.

The authorities have also highlighted a lack of initiative on the part of domestic parents when it comes to adopting children with special abilities. In this regards, the NRIs are far more progressive.

This has certainly been a golden act on the part of the celebrity couple.


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