“Chocolate says “I’m sorry” so much better than words.”


We can say it’s a natural phenomena for couples to fight and argue. Everyone fights, so what? Its sometime wife apologises and most of the time husband, guilty or not guilty has to apologise, no other way around to this theory. My husband is no exception to this theory, he has to apologise after the fight or “I don’t want to talk to you, whatsoever!”

Here’s what my husband does to make it up to me,

  • Chocolates seems an ultimate solution for everything, he gets me loads and loads of them.

  • He proposes to me more than once to go out on a romantic date.

  • Tries and makes me talk through the issue.

  • He tells me tales about the beginning of our journey of togetherness.

  • He writes cute and adorable messages to make me smile.

  • He makes that innocent face to make me have pity on him.

  • If nothing works out, he gets me a new novel. That’s it; all my anger vanishes at once.

  • When he finds me back to normal, he discusses the issue because it’s useless to talk through anyone who is having a hot-headed moment. So, he never takes chance on things to get exaggerated and never goes to bed without ending the issue, no matter how long it takes.

Where there is loves, fights come along. It’s good to take lead and resolve the issue without bringing ego amidst. A relationship that brings two people together is sacred and should be kept far away from ego-ism.


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