Nepotism or talent? Industry’s most controversial!


Stereotypical Bollywood Biggy….. Snooty…. Completely Intolerant of Outsiders…. Wait for the most plausible quote of the recent times, “Flag-Bearer of Nepotism.” Must be wondering where all this is coming from? Let me jog your memory to the times when…..

This all happened at one of the episodes of Karan Johar’s popular chit-chat show where Kangana Ranaut dauntlessly attacked Karan Johar with all these quotes. Well there was no way the Godfather of the industry, as #tagged by Kangana could take all that without redressing. He curbed it quite gracefully and said, “half of it was not true and lot of it’s just the perception.” The show did end and whereupon the social networking sites became a platform for debates and a deluge of words begun in and out the film industry swaying the word “Nepotism.”

Well, Kangana came up to the show quite prepared to make a swap. If film industry would have been this nepotist, she wouldn’t be sitting on the couch in the show and blurting out her agony about Nepotism. As the quote says it all:

With a blade at your throat, a well-connected uncle or a wealthy mother could not save you. Only you could save yourself.”

Natalia Marx

None would come forward and do the hard work for you; you have to prove your own self. Same goes with the film industry, you have to set your foot firm enough to make a difference. Though Bollywood is not a cake walk for the outsiders, but the talent and diligence never go unnoticed.


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