Wait for the Right Guy, to make him your “MAN”


AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.” Almost 90% of females have this quote as their anthem when it comes to their fairytale. Fairytales are a good watch though, but they hardly are applied in the real life. Love at first sight, bells ringing, Fairy God Mother, this all suits the reel life but in real life, you have to be way too ware while signing up for your happily ever after. Notice even the unnoticed, as they are the signs: red light or a green light. Things to notice before ending up being engaged are:

  • If a guy loves you heart and soul, he will be concerned about you every now and then, like reached home safely… had your meal… what made you upset?

  • He will find ample ways to make you smile, keep you smiling, because he loves you even more with the happy curve on your face.

  • He will crack jokes that will leave you laughing hard, holding your tummy because he loves the sound of your giggle.

  • When you start to admire the teeny-tiny things he does to make you swoon off your feet.

  • When he saucily drags you close and kisses your forehead in public, he says he will keep you safe nigh the heart.

  • He will always encourage you and admire you for taking decisions independently.

  • The guy who loves you will acquaint you to his family.

All the girls out there, if you find your guy with the following traits, well go ahead. Else, wait till you find the One.


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