What is that you want to do before kicking the bucket? It is just one life and to live it the old same way every other day sounds ridiculously boring. You must have gone on dates with your man. Many a date, to be precise. Why to linger on the things that you always do. Let’s try something new and different, for a change. To make your dates way more interesting. Candle-light dinner seems to be the fictitious idea of dating whenever we hear of a Date. But there are ample other ways to enjoy each others company with a twist of fun in it. Here’s what other things that could be managed:

  • When you see it’s a weather to die for, ask your partner to go for a long drive. Take your car, just follow the long roads, no destination to scribble for, just the weather, you and your love, romantic songs and the weather. Sounds so relaxing.

  • When you have nothing to do and you don’t want to cling onto the TV, play games, and entertain yourselves. Games… Entertainment… Does it ring a bell? Yes, play strip poker game.

  • Do what you both love doing together, like reading books, watching any TV series, horror movies, listening to songs and singing along with, anything that makes you happy doing together.

  • Once in a while try something that your partner loves to do, as a team, for the sake of his/her happiness. This would shore your bond.

It should not be some fancy dinner date where you effuse money just to have some time together. That doesn’t really require dresses and stilettos and ambiance. It just requires the two of you and the bond that brings you together and as long as you are happy nothing else matters.


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