Ever has it been that Love knows not its own Death until the Hour of Separation”

Relationships are said to be the most beautiful feeling one can get being in that happy bubble. But what when that bubble spurts it blows the two fragile hearts too. We have to admit it is the most critical part of live for both, it seems like going off the track. Trying not the things what they usually used to do for so long. It is difficult to bear the heart wrenching pain but one day or the other you have to get back on your feet to look for what awaits for you beyond the four walls. Every end is a start of a new beginning,

  • When life tries to give you lemon, have a shot with it. Try going out to party with your friends.

  • Ask your friends to indulge in more activities with you.

  • Never leave yourself locked up in your home alone.

  • Keep yourself busy doing stuff you would love doing.

  • Work out. Meditate. For the sake of your inner peace.

  • Travel

  • Pursue your hobby…live your life for your passion.

  • Most of everything I mentioned above, try and find your own self in the time you have with yourself. At times when you are the most vulnerable, comes out the impregnable you. Make it the best time of you part2. Spend time in your company; let yourself dwell in it for as much time as you want. For, till the time you are not happy with your own self, you cannot handle being with someone else. So prefabricate yourself bit by bit, there is no hurry.

  • One more important thing, do not rush for a relationship out of boredom or lonesomeness. It would leave you back to zero.

The best relationship you have is with yourself. Love it! Live it!


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