“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”


Travel early and travel often. Live abroad, if you can. Understand cultures other than your own. As your understanding of other cultures increases, your understanding of yourself and your own culture will increase exponentially. It’s the in-depth truth, I must say. Travelling is a part of who you become once you set foot beyond your limitations. The best way to explore the journey rather than destination is to travel by trains. It saves you from the bumpy roads and turbulent clouds. The best train-travel across the world is mentioned below:

New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling: It is considered as the oldest mountain railway in India. The trip offers mind-blowing views of the mountains and the clouds hanging happily onto them including the picturesque view of Kanchenjunga.

Mettupalayam To Ooty: The Nilgiri Mountain Railway connects Mettupalayam To Ooty. Mountain ranges amidst the journey offer you a ride through tea estates, lush green hills and tall grinder bridges.

Kalka To Shimla: Passing the Shivaliks, en-route Kalka to Shimla is one of the most highfaluting journeys in India. The Himalayan Queen Train crosses 107 tunnels, 864 bridges and through the Himalayan ranges. It is one of the highest railway stations.

Cape Town to Johannesburg, South Africa: Table Mountains seems to disappear behind the train and shacks fall back to give way to the Cape Vineyards. The train twirls through the Hex River Pass and makes haste towards the semi-desert of the great Karoo.

Alausi to Palmira, Ecuador: A railway line amid the coastal port of Guayaquil and Quito. The dazzling zigzags are carved out of the cliffs of La Nariz del Diablo.

Jasper to Vancouver, Canada: The train strolls through the plains of Toronto in far off Ontorio, as it glides through the way, passengers can fill their eyes with abundance of nature. Mountains, river, lush green landscapes, and beauty it is to admire.

Koblenz to Mainz to the Rhine Valley: Europe’s mainline treads alongside the river Rhyne for about 60 miles which passes along the valley to Mainz. You can find, half-timbered houses, vineyards, steep and fairytale castles. This is once in a lifetime journey to embrace the beauty of nature.


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