The Story of our non-quintessential Bollywood Hero- Nawazuddin Siddique brings his journey to life in his Auto Biography releasing in September


We have always known and idolized our stars with the picture of the best looks, best physique, and outrageous charm. Nawazuddin Siddique has been the breaker if those norms of being perfect to be “A Hero” and he is not sorry about it. He is well aware of where he stands on the meter of looks and the perfect bod, but it can be willfully accepted that you cannot beat him in terms of drama. The man has made his way into this grueling industry of stardom and glamour making his own mark and changing the game. He has made his audience love him for the man he is and the enormous talent he has. A lot of stars like Karan Johar, Shahrukh Khan, Rishi Kapoor have penned down their auto biographies a recent while back and now it is time “kaala kaluta”, as he calls himself, starts too. Nawaz said in his interviews that he has been working on his autobiography with journalist Rituparna Chatterjee and in two months is about to release it. The book has been titled ‘The Incredible Life of the Drama King of India’ and tells us his story right from the beginning. To quote, “”No one knows about my childhood and what it takes for a farmer’s child, who lived in a joint family, to enter this field and make a name. Achieving this life could have only been a distant dream. The contribution of my parents and my village in helping me become what I am today has been immense and makes for a major chunk of the book. Also, my theatre days have been beautifully chronicled. I think there’s a lot of masala in there for people to read”, said this to the interviewer when he was asked what his book contains.

We shall find the struggle of all the phases of his life and love him even more dearly than ever.


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