How men interpret sent and received text messages


The era of text messaging has gotten better with latest apps that can transfer your message promptly. There are varieties of emoticons to express your feelings in a bland text. Sometimes, the plain texts are something not easy to understand, especially when they come from a girl’s side.

What men want to mean

When a man says he has not decided anything or he will let the person know, the message clearly means either he is in dilemma or busy. These types of messages do not always mean that he is a non-committal type.

For an instance, ‘long time no speak’ means he is single now and want to get together again.

Texting for a rain check and changing the plan might mean that the person has something important to do. For girls, it can be heart-wrenching. If you guy says this to you then you need to respond in a casual way too.

Sorry I missed your texts, I have been really busy.’ It means that he is not interested at all.

Short response’ texts clearly depict that the person is either very busy or do not want to talk right now. In some cases, these texts can also mean that the guy is not interested to talk to you. Stop pushing.

Whereas, ‘did you get the last text?’ means he is eager to get a reply.

What men interpret

If the girl responds with a lot of ‘y’ in ‘hey’ then she is in the mood. If the girl responded after a day or two then she is not interested.

Whereas, texting ‘hey, what’s up? means she wants to meet.

The simple reply ‘ok’ from a girl means she is pissed.

Have fun’ means that her absence will not make the moment better as the guy expects.

If she texts ‘sure’ means it is not at all right what the guy has suggested earlier.

If a girl texts regarding reaching the spot very soon, it means she will take even more time. Be patient.

When a girl texts late night, either she is up for a talk or directly wants to get into the business. If she is considering you to talk about her problems then you are a very intimate friend, that’s it.

Interpreting girl texts are not easy for guys. They mean different from the literal meanings of the sent texts. Eventually, every guy understands this within months of being in a relationship.


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