Coaching business taking a toll on student’s health


All work and no play surely going to make a child dull. The continuous pressure of education and relentless stress from the parents to come first in every aspect of life are pushing the children in India into a dark abyss of mental and physical illness. The dream of entering a pedigreed educational institution is being imposed on the children from the very beginning by their parents.

Indians dream of a seven-digit salary, a big status with huge assets. The parents want their kids to fulfill their dreams anyhow. After religion, education is the biggest business in India. Based on this dream, the business is sprawling like wildfire. Reputed educational institutions are making tons of money as tuition fee. Other than the schools, the kids are sent to these institutions to gain proper knowledge and prepare a fortified base to appear in the competitive exams for engineering and medical curriculum.

The journey begins at a very tender age when the students are 14 years of age. The competitive exams will commence four years later but the anxious parents take the charge and admit their kids in the herds. The fees are now hiked to a sky-high level where the parents are asked to pay at least INR 2 Lac for a two years course. Sometimes, the tuition fee is waivered based on the merit of the students.

Due to this relentless effort and immense career pressure, the majority of the students are suffering from physical illnesses and mental turmoil. The lack of interaction outside the four walls has crippled their childhood. Anxiety, stress, depression, and mood disorders are common among Indian students. The occurrence of obesity and other health issues at a premature age is also frightening. The number of suicides has escalated in India. In fact, a study suggests that India is ranking high in the list of stressed academicians.


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