Sex Toys and Where to find them


The average Indian couple is getting bolder and more experimenting in the bed as the mentality of the people is becoming more liberal by the day. One thing that has seen a rise in popularity in most couple’s sex life is sex toys. Even though illegal in India, the market has grown exponentially, be it websites who have found a way to sell it using legal loopholes, or even physical gray markets.

Where To Find Them

Sex toys currently have a booming market by being labeled as wellness products and are openly available online. But on rare occasions, it is possible to obtain it physically through numerous gray markets throughout the country. Given the illegal nature of the goods, there are constant crackdowns, but that does not stop the market from expanding. Here are a few places which are famous for the sale of kinky products.

  1. Delhi is famous for its many gray markets to obtain pretty much anything one wants. If you want sex toys, your go-to place is Palika Bazaar. The market is famous for its shady nature and is a popular gray market for electronics, but some peculiar shops deal in the kinky. They import the toys hidden along with their normal shipments. If you are lucky enough, you might get your hands on something kinky if explored properly.

  2. Mumbai adventurers can head to Crawford Market. The bustling market area is said to have anything and everything one needs. That indeed is true as if searched properly, there is a huge sex toy market within in underbelly of the area.

It is important to note that even though the popularity of sex toys is on the rise, they are still illegal in India. Make sure you have proper paperwork and are acquiring your goods from a reliable source, or one night’s fun may end up becoming a longer legal headache.


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