Star Wars featuring Roshan and Ranaut


Kangana Ranaut has emerged as one of the most successful and talented young actresses who has given her fans hits after hits. But with this emergent fame has also risen controversies and Bollywood drama which in her case has magnified to an extent none of the thought it would shape up to be.

Bollywood’s own Barbie doll has been in a relationship with Bollywood’s own chocolate boy Hrithik Roshan. After everyone’s favorite eye candy split up with his wife, Susanne Khan, Hrithik was involved with Kangana Ranaut for quite sometime before the affair ended in total carnage. A massive pandemonium set in when Hrithik Roshan went public with the entire squabble by hiring one of the best criminal lawyers in the country to protect him from Kangana’s apparent stalking. He claimed that this Queen superstar has been trying to harras Hrithik by constantly calling him, following him and ultimately emailing him over 1000 times!

Kangana Ranaut was invited to Aap Ki Adalat, a popular reality show where guests are bombarded with allegations and have to defend themselves from the same. As ballsy as she is, this bold actress did not hold back from anything. She promptly, having recently embroiled in an ugly spat with her former lover, speaks out about how unfairly people have treated her and this entire debacle without having known the entire story.

She speaks out about nepotism and how Hrithik slapped her with legal notices of stalking, hacking and even mental illness. She reveals that Rakesh Roshan, father of Hrithik Roshan has even gone far enough to threaten her about her career. She creates quite the spur among the audience when she says that Hrithik used her and kept her hanging prevent her from getting married to someone else and later publicly debunking the entire idea of the two of them ever having dated. She claimed that Hrithik had hacked into her account sending himself all those emails and building a strong case for himself only to prove his point. She openly challenges him to expose her of any sin that she might have committed after revealing to the public, her side of the story.

Just a small glimpse of a Bollywood romance gone wrong.


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