Things NOT To Do When Impressing A Guy


Most girls think that they are in the driving seat when it comes to flirting, but many are unaware that there are a number of things that may drive off their potential partner.Being hard to get and being a mood spoiler, there is a fine line between the two, and it’s essential to be able to differentiate between the two to be able to score the hot stud you have your eyes on. Here are 7 things that turn a guy off-

  1. Being overly nagging

Every guy pretends to play along when his girl nags, but his patience has its limits too. What might start as something that you might dislike in him, might end up in questioning the relationship itself? No guy wants things to escalate to that level.

  1. Being overly attached

You like him, and rest assured he is well aware of it if he is willing to commit to a relationship with you. There is no need to be overly attached to the point that you are monitoring every move he makes and call his nickname in public.

  1. Being immature

No matter how much he loves you, he has not signed up for a babysitting job, child play and being cute is alright. But he also expects the support of his mature counterpart

  1. Not Maintaining Proper Hygiene

In the same way, you would not like your man to be all smelly and gross. Guys also like that their girls have a certain level of cleanliness.

  1. Discussing your Ex

They will listen to your ex once or twice, but that is where it should stop. Sorry girl, all you are doing by repeating about your ex is to crush his confidence and make him doubt himself.

  1. Mean attitude

You just might be trying to be hard to get by being a little mean to your guy, but stay in limits. Mean girls are not what a guy looks for. The behavior may create trust issues and he might not be confident in introducing you to family and friends.

  1. Not Being honest

Last but not the least, honesty is the biggest anchoring factor in a relationship. Iy you are not being honest with him, he will have a hard time trusting you and this might crack your relationship.


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