Conservation of the Lion in outskirts of Delhi and NCR


Lion the Giant of the cat family will soon be near Delhi and NCR. None has to travel far for them. Haryana government is up with a plan to develop a Lion safari in foothills of Aravalli and this could be in any of three districts like Rewari, Gurugram or Mahendragarh. The State Chief Secretary with its high level official has planned to build up a natural sanctuary of Lion with 100 km of Delhi. The only aim is to build a Lion Safari which will be nothing less than Gir forest but very near to Delhi. This is attracting large number of tourists from all parts of the world and country.

Lion, the Giant cat is an endangered species but in Gir Forest from 2008 to 2010 their population increased considerably and as on date they are 650 in number. Presently Gir and Etawah Lion safari are very far from the metros. The visitors who plan to go for a trek to these places cannot go due to the distance. Thus the Haryana Government is planning to build up a Lion safari at the rocky and sandy foothills of Aravalli which would need 630 hectares of rocky and sandy land so they have identified Rewari, Gurugram or Mahendragarhfor the purpose.

The government of Haryana appointed the experts for thorough research in Gir and Etawah Lion safari before starting the project. It is seen for year that Gir National Lion safari is a successful project while in Etawah Lion safari eight to nine lion along with some cubs died since it inauguration. The experts will visit the Gir safari to study the climate, botanical space, geography in order to come up with a report with some concrete ideas on similarities and dis-similarities with the new proposal. The Government will go for a deep study so as to avoid any loss of lives of Lion as this project should and must be a successful safari project of India which will give the chance to all the people of the world to enjoy and see the Asiatic Lion which is a majestic and beautiful creature of Gods creation.


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