Murder of Journalist Gauri Lankesh in her personal residence


Gauri Lankesh, a well-known Indian journalist has been shot dead in her home that is the southern state of Karnataka. She was found in a blood pool on her doorstep in Bangalore. Gunmen shotted her in the head and chest. Police is not still able to tell about the motive of such crime. Her work as the Indian journalist is really appreciable and you can hear about her achievements in more words. Siddaramaiah, the chief minister of Karnataka, was also parts of those who attended the funeral. That’s not all; there you find many protests against her killing including Delhi and other cities.

Who is Gauri Lankesh?

Gauri Lankesh edited a weekly newspaper and she was well-known for her fearless and outspoken journalist. It can be easily identified when you have gone through the different statements of the interviews like she said “when I looked at the tweets and the kind of comments that were made about me, I was alarmed… It made me fear for the freedom of expression of the fourth estate in our country today in a larger context and not just in the personal sense.” and more. These will give you the clear picture about her personality. She was the part of The Times of India as an employee and later, she ran an independent newspaper, named Lankesh Patrike. This was run for several years with her brother Indrajit. After this episode, she started her own newspaper Gauri Lankesh Patrike.

More information about the murder

On that Tuesday night, Ms Lankesh had arrived in her car and at the time the attackers shot her as the gate was opened. No time was there to take her to the hospital, she died on the spot. As per the investing team, it can be possible that she was followed by the gunmen but still, there is no final statement, this is under investigation.


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