Well, certainly not a first thing in the royal household of Great Britain that a royal baby is going to school as we have seen Prince William and Harry both going to school like any normal child. Here we have Prince George going to school for the first time at the age of 4 years. Yes, Prince George, the son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge has gone to school for the first time. The school is a 20 minutes drive from the royal palace and is named Thomas’s Battersea whose annual fee is approximately 17000 £ a year.

The idea is that the royal prince gets as normal an education possible like any other child of the country. Prince William had gone to drop his son at the school as the duchess was down with morning sickness as it is reported that they are expecting their third baby. When asked, Prince William said that he was not nervous as he saw one other parent having a tougher time with their child. The father reported that George had a nice first day. Prince Charles, the proud grandfather also commented that going to school is actually good as it aids in character building and also assured that he did not give any advice to his grandson.

The principal of the school remarked that though Prince George is the most famous student at the school, he would be treated just like any other normal student and would not be referred to as anything like “His Royal Highness”.

The school was chosen by the Duke of Cambridge and the duchess themselves and is very near to the royal palace. So, it is expected that the royal couple would certainly visit the school quite often.


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