Long Live Technology


Long distance relationships sucks, I mean really suck. It’s not at all easy to abandon yourself from the one you love so deeply. Being apart and not being able to see each other is as heart breaking as it’s been a breakup. It is difficult to survive through it but not impossible. With the right commitment and communication, long distances could be tide over. Here are some simple steps that could make the long distance relationships work, really work!

When your partner leaves, bid him adieu with something precious of yours, which he can carry along wherever he goes. It feels like something soothing to have something physical that they’ve touched in your hands.

The skype, snapchat and much more such apps are a big help in long distances. They keep you perpetually in touch.

Never forget to say good morning and good night even if it’s just a smiling sun or smiling moon. Keep your talks scheduled as it helps.

Send in as many photos as you can as it will be more than enough to bring a curve on his face as he will never get tired of seeing your face, your happy face.

Thanks to the technology as it had made everything so easy and flowing. Distance doesn’t matter if you want to play video games together. It is actually fun to be able to play together without necessarily being able to see or talk to each other.

Support and encourage each other even from the distance as this is the best way to express your love.

Watch your favourite series together on Netflix.

It’s not about keeping the score, who texts more or who visits more. It is about being able to manifest your love for each other as it is what will keep you going.

When it comes to your relationship, never try to eat ego-filled candies as it will damage your relationship bit-by-bit. So let only love be the glue to your relationship.

Try not to give up on your love because when you finally meet your partner after a long time and grab them in your arms and squeeze them a bit more tightly. The time spent apart will seem to be worth it.


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