Orchestra of Texts


We grew up in the day of time where we were told to use our words as a medium for conversation, where words sounded more expressive then expressions. But when we soar high with our ages, why we leave behind all that was tamed in our elementary education? Vastly as we talk about our intimate relationships where use of words seems out zoned and our gestures truly orchestrate. It is way too easy to be anti-nuncupative rather than talking about what’s in your head. But how to initiate with the sex-talk with your partner?

It sounds a bit awkward when it seems time to reach the next level of intimacy and talk about sex. Not everyone has the guts to get into the conversation. So rather than sharing it face to face, messaging could be a better option.

Ask your partner about how he feels about having sex before marriage and how about watching porn. This will give way to his views about the topic and the conversation could start from there.

This conversation could even make you reach the sexting zone, all in your imaginations you are all over your partner and very much comfortable with sharing that level of intimacy.

Sharing nudes with each other has become a new tradition but you need to be very trustful of your partner before sending them to him. It will definitely help you and your relationship up to a great extent. When texting transmutes to sexting, it gives birth to more carefree and fun side of your relationship in which you are unfettered of sharing anything to everything.

When you are very much comfortable with each other in every manner and you talked all about sex and birth control and stuff, you are quite ready to the real ensuing level to revive the sexual intimacies you have piqued for each other.


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