Choice is all yours: Turn the Page or Close the Book!


Besties doesn’t come with a tag of option on them. They are meant to be the people sticking together through all the thick and thin. But when you get onto the path of getting into a relationship, things could take new turns. Either your bestie will like your boyfriend or will not like him or vice versa. If she likes him and there is no issue in hanging out together, things can never be better than that, but if by any chance they come to have their own clashes, then you will be the one hanging like a pendulum between your friend and boyfriend.

It’s all about balance; you can’t just devote your entire time to your boyfriend and take your bestie for granted. Keep things balanced, and talk to your bestie amidst you seeing your boyfriend. Make her feel that nothing has changed between you two because of the brand new relationship. There will be times when you will have differences and she would have expectations and all this could be solved by simple conversations, heart to heart and face to face.

It should not just be a heart to heart between you and your bestie but also be amidst you and your boyfriend, like she is the one you love the most and you two are inseparable and you are starting with a new beginning with your boyfriend, so both are vital for your life and you just can’t choose between them. Your boyfriend should respect your space as people than him are also important in your life. He should respect the fact that you care for everyone around you and should give you space to spend time with them too.

It’s just the matter of keeping things balanced and your life will be sorted. If your boyfriend doesn’t want you to give your time to someone else than him, then you know it well that it could lead you to a toxic relationship. so always choose to have open conversations with anyone, may it be your bestie or boyfriend and take decisions wisely. It’s your life after all.


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