From College: Caps and Gowns to Reality: Gaps and Downs


Amidst graduating, the most urged thing is to move out of college, the routines, the classes, the exams and live your life on your own terms. But as we set foot out of the college life, life smirks and says, “Welcome to the reality!” Everything is well sorted till the time you are studying but as soon as you get out of college you are on your own. It totally depends on you which way to go. Mostly students are bewildered of what to do next. So to avoid the dilemma, it is really important to stay focused of what you are going to do after your college finishes. Rather than regretting it afterwards, it’s good to do some homework.

  • In your college duration have as much fun as you can have with your friends, because once this time is gone you are left regretting that time slipped away.
  • Participate in every event and cultural activities being held in college, this will boost your confidence plus it will be an add-on in your resume.
  • Be very clear of the future you choose for yourself as your entire life hangs around it.
  • When you hit the gravel of reality, you need to know some harsh truths. All that you learnt in your college, you will have to unlearn it to face the practical life.
  • Look for as many opportunities as you can for it is going to be your head start.
  • You don’t have to wait until your college finishes, but you can start pursuing your dream along with your college. Who knows, with your graduation degree you are tagged as an entrepreneur.
  • You don’t need to follow the flock but set your own unique identity; don’t entangle yourself with living someone else’s dreams. You are the master of your own destiny.


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