Learn Who You Really Are, Take Time To Understand Your Soul


“The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.”

Diamond is just a chunk of coal that does well under pressure. Our life is same as the diamond; we have to work hard to find our own selves. But we being humane try to unearth ourselves in other individuals, when all we seek lies within. Life is a riddle in itself, the more we explore, the more we hail towards the pitch black path, only to embellish the darkest part of ourselves. This is where we explore our soul. But we hardly have time to peep into our soul as we are galloping to find it in our Soul mate. When life bestows us with all its riches, it also has the power to recant all of it. This is the time we get on our knees before our God, repenting of all the time we lost in running after something which wasn’t destined for us.

Stop chasing what is not yours. Stop claiming things which are not meant for you. Stop. Just Stop!!

Listen to your heart, listen to thumping of your heart, listen to the crescending silence, trust me it is the silence that has the power to deafen you. Follow the silence, follow the voice that comes from within, follow the path it leads and you will never be defeated, you will never be left heartbroken, never be perished because it is the soul that speaks to you, it gives you fierceness, it gives you passion, it gives you the proficiency to choose between right and wrong. Till the time you do not unearth your own soul, you won’t be able to find your better half. No matter how much time you take to discover your own self, it is worth waiting rather than making decisions in rush and deplore it thereafter.


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