Hello Men: according to science growing a beard is good for health


Beard is back in trend and gone are the days of it being just for hipsters and lumberjacks. There is more to keeping a beard than just looking extremely attractive in it; there are a number of health advantages.

  1. Protects skin from the UV rays: Research shows that beards are capable of blocking 95 per cent of the UV rays from sun. This helps to prevent sun damage and chances of developing skin cancer. Men usually tend to end up with leathery skin, spots, saggy skin and earlier wrinkles when their skin is exposed to the harmful rays while the one with natural beard have soft and supple skin.

  2. Reduces Asthma: Facial hair prevents airborne diseases from entering the throat by acting as a filter and preventing allergens from settling. It works in the same way as nasal hair works. It helps to keep pollen allergies, throat diseases, dust allergy at bay. Washing a beard is as crucial as keeping them because they store the bacteria.

  3. Slows ageing process: With the skin taken care of by a thick beard, the chances of occurrence of wrinkles reduce. The beard acts as a protective layer keeping the skin moisturized and away from the dirt and sun and leaves the skin feeling healthier, softer and younger. It is a paradox in itself because beard makes people look older but stay younger. No acnes, no discolorations guaranteed by facial hairs.

  4. Fights Cold: Beard help in staying warmer than usual. The beard acts as a barrier of protection providing thermal protection from the cold winds and the weather.

  5. Prevents Rashes: Shaving frequently causes bacterial infections, folliculitis, ingrowths and acne. Razor causes skin to become easily irritated and to drastically reduce the chances of getting razor burns is easier than thought. Letting the beard just grow can help tackle all of these problems together.

All men should let their facial hair grow out, keep them healthier and also look attractive in the stubbles or disheveled looks because what is better than some self confidence that comes with the accentuated good looks.


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