Hostel Hacks that will kill hunger and smoothen out your life


Hostel life is not as smooth as a family life. In hostel, one needs to take care of his own self. It is quite challenging. The challenge seems greater when hunger is felt. A few hostel hacks are listed here which one should do when one feels hungry.

Popular and Interesting hunger hacks

In hostel, a student does not get time or equipment to cook but the hunger in between the meal hours must be killed. Eating outside foods is not healthy either, moreover, at odd hours like at the middle of the night one might not be able to find foods outsides. Get notified about such interesting and healthy hunger hacks:

  • The most popular hostel food, Maggi is there. You can always cook a packet of Maggi add some veggies or an egg to make it more nutritious and delicious to kill your hunger. Within a very short time a tasty meal is ready.
  • Cuppa noodles or ready-made noodles are another alternative to Maggi. One does not require a bit of cooking skills. Warm water is what required which can be done on heated iron top and a spicy, tangy flavored noodle is ready.
  • A student should always keep a packet of bread and a bottle of jam with himself or herself. Bread-jam is the most convenient and a tasty alternative to noodles. Bread-Nutella is a good alternative too.
  • Pasteurized and ready to eat milk is available in the market. If one can get hold of those and mix the milk with cornflakes or muesli one of the most healthy and nutritious meal is ready without any hassle.
  • Eggs are one of the most convenient food and can be prepared on a heated iron top easily.
  • A student should keep nuts, flattened rice, puffed rice and mix them all to get a good and filling snack.
  • At times, the desire for non-veg needs to be fulfilled too. Bring in frozen foods, fry them up and consume them quickly. They are ready in a very short time, are tasty and a good alternative for your taste buds too.


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