Life is impossible without water – Football is incomplete without Rain


Football is one of the famous sports word wide. Unlike many other sports footballs is enjoyed a lot while playing in the rain. When the black clouds accumulate and the rain starts to fall the players of the other teams might be sad but the footballers are the happiest creatures in the Earth. If winter is the cricket season and spring the hockey season then one has to accept that monsoon is the season of playing football. There is a unique pleasure in getting muddy and wet and striking the goal.

Places where football is enjoyed playing in the rain

  • Hostel student enjoy the most playing football in the rain. This is so because one is not accompanied by their parents so no one is there to restrict them from going out getting all wet and muddy and playing football. It is one of the most popular sports for the hostel students.
  • In many colleges football tournaments are organized in the monsoon season to play football. All the students enjoy it as well it serves as a break from the monotonous classes. During the monsoon season many colleges have their semester break too. Thus, there is no pressure of study. To be more specific there is no one between the footballer, the football and the rain.
  • In the villages of India playing football in the rain is like a tradition. In most of the fields there are hardly any goal posts. The players arrange bricks to make a temporary goal post and they are all set to enjoy the rainy season with a nail biting football match. From children to youth to adults everyone has separate football matches. One cannot get a better entertainment than this.

Though there are various alternatives like indoor football stadiums are available which has original pitch, airy and well lighted the fun the frolic the enthusiasm one gets from getting wet in the rain and play football is unmatchable.


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