Surgeries men undergo to make their private parts look great


In the modern generation men are also breaking the stereotypical ideas of plastic surgery of the private parts. Now it’s not only women who get breast implants or have silicone butts to make their sexual parts look good, but there are a lot of men who also go through plastic surgeries like penis implants to make their private parts look picture perfect. After all, why should women have all the fun right? Here are some procedures men go through to enhance the beauty of their intimate parts:-

  1. Scrotox: – This is a non surgical procedure where a Botox shot is injected into the scrotum of a man hence the name Scrotox. This procedure is not particularly cheap and it comes at a price of $1045. There are several reasons why men get their scrotum enlarged such as it reduces sweating from the balls, it gives the scrotum a sprightly look, and it makes the scrotum look larger.
  2. The Brazilian Butt Lift: – The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most popular procedures that men opt for. This is a surgical treatment which involves liposuction as donor fat. So finally the extra fat around the belly has proven useful. Most people undertaking this procedure are gay who look forward to increasing the size of the buttocks. The straight people who go through this procedure mainly complain about having a small buttock.
  3. The P-Shot: – The P-shot which is also known as the Priapus shot was first developed by Dr. Charles Runels. In this process, a blood sample is collected from the patient’s body to generate a platelet rich plasma which has plenty of growth factors. This process was mainly used in sports to quickly repair torn or damaged ligaments of the athletes, but now it is also used for penis enlargement.
  4. The Penis Implant: – Like breast implants, we now have penis implants. Penis implants is a surgical procedure where a silicone sheath is wrapped around the penis which make it look 2.5-4 cm thicker and larger. In order to undergo this surgery one must be circumcised. There is only one doctor in the world called James Elist in Beverly Hills,USA who performs this surgery.

Even though the number of people getting surgeries on their penis to make it look good is less but the numbers are gradually increasing.


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