The Life of a Working Woman


Being a woman who works, or rather earns enough to run her own daily life in a patriarchal society such as ours is seen with the eyes of scrutiny. A woman’s income is often not taken seriously and is regarded as “mere pocket money” to the family. Hence an independent working woman’s life tends to get pretty hectic.

Luckily, women are known to be multitaskers so they learn to juggle their professional and personal lives to achieve a balance that is good for her. Here is how most working women would go about her day on a typical weekday:

  1. Get up early- Be it a working independent woman, or a homemaker, getting up early has somehow ended up being a woman’s job. From opening the door to the maid to arranging everything for breakfast- all of it comes under the purview of the lady.

  2. Have a nutritious breakfast- The key to surviving a hectic day in office is having a wholesome breakfast. Many women tend to ignore this and rush straight to work, but they still wish they hadn’t as they really know what wonders can a good breakfast do.

  3. Ready to hustle- This is the point of her day where the woman starts concentrating o her job- she needs to be professional now. She gets ready, puts on her red lipstick and off she goes to work.

  4. Work – An independent woman has no time to fool around. She is dedicated to her job and gives it her all to excel at what she does for those few hours at work- she needs to feed herself and buy her own diamonds after all; she doesn’t need a man doing her that ‘favour’.

The life of an independent, working woman may seem hectic, but trust me, the joy of buying your own clothes earn through your own labour has a different taste- and any independent woman knows that. She doesn’t need her prince charming and she is all she needs to catch herself when she falls. She is power. She is goals. She is independent.


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