Say “No” to Aerated Drinks if you are to Lead the Cricket Team


Virat Kohli captains Indian Cricket Team, has recently said No to a multi-crore soft drink endorsement. He says his fitness and regime stands first and he cannot compromise on that as he represents the Indian Cricket Team. He says if he himself promote something that he doesn’t consume, is of no use and in his strict diet aerated drinks are strictly prohibited.

He is found in the limelight for all the right reasons as his performance in the playground do the utmost talking but this time many would have spilled their drinks to know that Kohli has taken down the deal of multi-crores as he says, “If I myself won’t consume such things, I won’t urge others to consume, just because I am getting money out of it.” Kohli is known for his fitness mantra as it can be seen from his posts on social media.

Recently he started off with his fitness turnaround and it seemed to be like a way of living, a routine to him which can’t be afforded to miss. He further said, “If something goes away from that, I would not want to be a part of that or be promoting that.” He is leading his team and is setting a benchmark when it comes to fitness. After taking a decision against renewing the six-year deal with Pepsi he claimed, “As the captain I won’t demand my teammates what I can’t do myself. I convince myself that I can do it after that only I ask my teammates to go for it.”

This new generation cricket team is well aware of what is good for their health and what is harmful and this makes them canny enough to have proper meal in-take. The players have to sacrifice a lot when it comes to keeping them healthy and fit. The fitness is the fifth dimension in the game along with batting, bowling, fielding. The scenario is turned upside down so is game now!


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