Nude is the new Black!!


We have seen nude portraits, nude sculptures and nude statues but Nudist Park sounds new and challenging and extremely exciting. France is one such destination where people love to come from nooks and corners of the world. It is quite famous for art, cinema, food and landscape; people would want to add nothing more to this list but recently Paris comes up with something more to attract the people around the world for its Nudist Park, The Bois de Vincennes. This park is meant for only and only those who want to replenish themselves with their natural state.

The park is not up for the voyeurs or exhibition for the sake of other’s enjoyment. This is a deserted zone within the park for naturists to enjoy their originality to the fullest without any hindrance. The park is basically on a trial for the time being and is operational till October, 15. Naturists can spend time with their true self and bask in sun and can fill themselves in with the nature and can imagine the times when there were no clothes and people used to roam bare without any tensity.

Paris has once again proved its openness and open-mind vision by setting up this park for those who would want to evanescence in the thought how they came in this world, all naked. As this place is meant to mend your soul by connecting with nature under your true skin, it is also made clear that people should be at their best behaviour. Claude-Penegry of the Paris Naturists Association told that it’s a true joy, its one more freedom for naturists. He also added, “It shows the city’s broad-mindedness and will help change people’s attitudes toward nudity, toward our values and our respect for nature”

Komites says Paris has been inspired by Germany, Switzerland and Spain, all countries where nudism has been embraced.

“It can be exercised with respect for everyone,” she concludes.


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