Use Black face mask to get glowing, smooth and healthy skin


Charcoal face mask is popularly known as black face mask. Black peel off mask is the new trend setter which is all over the internet and in the videos. This mask gives clarity to the skin, removes blackheads, acne, absorption of excess oil leaving the skin feel smooth and glowing.

It is easy to use as the mask is available in the market and you can purchase it to use it at home. It is suitable for all skin types and with skin problem and is dermatologically tested: 91% reported the effectiveness in the first use, 93% reported removal of blackheads and pimples after a use of one month.

There are several benefits of using Black face mask:

  1. Natural origin: It claims to be 100% natural and does not contain paragon in case of sensitive skin.

  2. Bamboo Charcoal: It is a plant origin charcoal which is used for detoxifying. Several known benefits of plant based charcoal is that it purifies the skin and penetrates deep inside the upper layer of the skin cleaning the pores of harmful ingredients.

  3. Provitamin B5: Known as pathejnol used in cosmetic products. Provitamin B5 has anti-inflammatory properties soothing the burns. It also helps to keep the skin feel smoother, softer and improves elasticity.

  4. Grapefruit oil: It is an essential oil. It is suggested for oily and choked skin as it tightens the pores, brightens dull complexion and also helps pacify the scars.

  5. Wheat germ oil: The oil has anti-oxidising properties which helps in regenerating and toning the skin making it look supple and hydrated.

Anyone using black face mask needs to apply thick layer evenly while carefully taking care of the eye area and hair contour. It is recommended to be left for 25 minutes so that it gets enough time to penetrate into the skin and react.

The mask not only hydrates and removes blackheads, acne and pimples but also removes facial hair which make the skin feel smooth.


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