What men do to get attention!


Men and women are meant to be, since the human race came into existence. Adam took a bite of apple for Eve and was abandoned from heaven for it was called a sin. Nothing could be a fair example than this to prove men cross all borders and boundaries to sway women with their silly gestures. Every man undergoes this situation even if it is once in a lifetime. Men would just take sweat to act out zoned to impress women. The outcome is that they make a complete fool of themselves. To avoid indulging yourself in such a solution, let’s have a look what men actually do to get attention.

  • Men usually do rigmarole robust in front of a drove of women.

  • The decibels of their vocals would be a bit loud to get the attention.

  • The swarm of boys will always have a bhai who will teach the others how to woo a girl and would end up being made fun of.

  • By any chance, if a guy gets into contact of a girl, and he can’t keep himself from bragging about himself, then it’s a total thumbs down.

  • Every girl likes complements and if a guy compliments her, she is quite ok with it. But if the compliments are from anything to everything, then it’s oops!

  • If you are with a girl, you need not to talk about any other girl in front of her to make her feel jealous or make things work for you, make sure, it can make you fell in your own pit.

  • Girls do get attracted to heavenly colognes, but they should be heavenly not heavily poured on to you, this will make them feel uneasy for sure.

  • Don’t try to impress a girl with your chef-ism, when you don’t even know its ABCD. A girl would never want to eat half-cooked anything.

Girls or the entire female faction seems to be bit complicated when they really are simple to their heart. They never wanna look unto some guy who keeps selling himself in front of her, but they want a guy who allows them to walk through their real and true self. So, rather than messing up things with portraying what you not are, it’s best to let your true self bloom and let it be known and let it be loved for just the way it is!


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