No Cry doesn’t mean No Pain


Women are mostly known for their emotional switch which generally comes with an automatic button. You don’t have to press the button to switch it on and off. The lachrymal glands are most actively functional in women as the tears well up every now and then. Women are famously known for all this and if, by any chance, your lachrymal glands are dysfunctional. Then girl, you certainly are in trouble, I mean, big-time trouble.

  • People will take you as one such person who walks around without a heart.

  • You and your friends watching P.S.I Love You and you see your girls going sob-sob and sniff-sniff. You look at them; they look at you….pause….One Awkward Moment!

  • Crisis in your family, you see everyone around you is deep in tears and you also try to pop out some water from your eyes and you fail. Now it becomes your Life-Crisis.

  • Your friend comes to your fetish, all broke and chock in tears, and all you can do is sympathise her to the utmost instead of chumming up with her in the cry-cry show.

  • You are on the verge of breaking up with your boyfriend and you can’t make yourself even sob out of courtesy at such heart wrenching situation.

  • When you witness people around you are rejoicing the moment with Tears of Happiness and you are all bewildered to react to such monotony.

  • People say it’s good to cry sometime, it unburdens you somehow, but what if you can’t cry at all? You live with the weight of that stowage and trust me it is way more difficult to live through!

It is really easy-peasy to express your anguish and get over with it. But some people are made that way to be a no-show-and-tell kin of system, crying seems an alien activity to them because they show their pain through their anger or silent-attack or some other way. Rather than labelling them with heartless monsters and heartless geeks, admire them and accept them the way they are.


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